Wealth Management

Why not invest the same way wealthy investors do?

There are investment strategies used by the wealthy and the super-wealthy that are different than those quoted in most books about investing. Of course; most wealthy investors invest in stocks and bonds. However; smart investors also know that having a diversified ownership portfolio of investments doesn't mean just owning different stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. It also means making investments that have little or no correlation to the volatile markets.

That's why the average portfolio of a successful, wealthy investor has 10%, or more, invested in alternative investments*: Real estate and private-equity business investments(1). These investments have virtually no correlation to the market, yet they can offer a high potential rate of return.

You need an expert who knows the alternatives

AVO Financial Advisors have a broader viewpoint than a typical stocks and bonds broker. Our Advisors can help guide you through your traditional investment and life insurance options. We conduct business with numerous companies and research the options to provide you with the products of your choice. Additionally, what makes us unique is that our professional advisors can also help you select alternative investments that will broaden and enhance your ownership portfolio. This can add genuine diversification to your investments and may open up significant new income streams for you.

Plus, because we constantly search out the most viable investment opportunities, many of these offerings are available exclusively through AVO Financial.

Discover your best options

Get the real information about how you can enhance your ownership portfolio. Simply schedule an appointment with a professional Financial Advisor from AVO Financial. They will arrange a no-cost, confidential meeting to determine the most effective way to help you make your goals a reality.

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*Alternative investments may not be suitable for everyone. Not all investors will qualify for these programs.

(1)The 10th Anniversary Edition of the World Wealth Report published by Merrill Lynch and Cap Gemini Ernst & Young.