Financial and Retirement Planning

At AVO Financial we know solving financial problems in today’s world takes work.

  • Step 1 is to review your current situation
  • Step 2 is to choose a financial planning team
  • Step 3 is to develop your plan
  • Step 4 is to implement your plan

When we begin to develop your plan, we start by discussing the key financial issues each of us can expect to face, namely cash management, risk management, accumulation goals, retirement and estate planning.


A Cash management plan includes preparing and following a budget, using credit wisely and keeping the income tax burden to the lowest level possible.

Managing risk is primarily done through diversifying between different asset classes or alternative investments, or through insurance such as life insurance, disability insurance, property and casualty insurance and health insurance.

Saving money means paying yourself first when you receive money in order to establish an emergency fund, this includes money for children’s or grandchildren’s private school and/or higher education. Buying a home and building an investment portfolio are two other typical accumulation goals.

Retirement planning means taking action today to help insure the later years are as comfortable
and worry-free as possible. Common financial mistakes when planning for retirement include:

  • Failure to consider long-term care needs or the effects of inflation and taxes.
  • Underestimating expenses in retirement
  • And more

Estate Planning involves the recognition that death is inevitable. The choices are to either put a plan in place or let a state appointed judge make the decisions. Through the use of appropriate wills and trusts the process can be easy and cost effective.

Our goal at AVO Financial is to get to know you and help prepare you for the financial road ahead by developing a personalized, unique Ownership Portfolio that may benefit you and your posterity for years to come.