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1. For Our Utah Financial Clients

For Our Utah Financial Clients

Our company  serves numerous people in widespread locations around the country. However, since we are a Utah based financial company, I thought it might be nice to comment on some of the things going on in our local community.

Tags: Utah, Family, Kids, AVO Financial, financial services, finances
By Luke Brandley
2. Financial Motivation

Hanging in our office, here at AVO Financial, is a large and brightly colored painting of Wall Street. A crowd of people in sharp business attire move excitedly around the impressive New York Stock Exchange Facade. 

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By Luke Brandley
3. Alternative Investment Opportunities

 I was recently asked by a friend about some alternative investments. I completely understand his interest.

Tags: Alternative, Alternative Investment, Bountiful, Bountiful UT, Bountiful Utah, Estate Planning, Finances, Financial Planning, Investment, Investment Options, Life Insurance, private equities, Real Estate, Real Estate Investment, Salt Lake City, Utah
By Luke Brandley
4. Money Management

 Everyone, at some point in our lives, has probably answered to some sort of manager who’s calling the shots. Without a good money manager little is accomplished. When the teacher leaves the classroom for a few minutes it doesn’t take long for their students to get out of hand.

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By Luke Brandley

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