Financial Motivation

 Hanging in our office, here at AVO Financial, is a large and brightly colored painting of Wall Street. A crowd of people in sharp business attire move excitedly around the impressive New York Stock Exchange Facade. Some keep to themselves. Others discuss the day’s successes and failures with their peers. In the foreground a man stands still, contemplatively glancing over his shoulder to where, with a satisfied smile, a winged pig hovers happily in the air over the streets of NYC.

I’ve spent a lot of time staring at this picture… with its distinct coloration and large size it’s difficult to ignore, actually. But, whatever my views on the artist’s unique color choices, the image does get me thinking every time I see it. Particularly the flying pig.

Do our dream’s muddy detours always have to result in their demise? The answer, of course, is no. I’ve seen too many proverbial pigs fly to ever hold that point of view. I’ve also seen people rise above their circumstances and make their dreams a reality, so, though sometimes a factor, a dreamer’s situation must not always be a roadblock to success. So what really catapults some dreams skyward to fruition and binds others to their slop trough? If I had to choose just one thing, my response would have to be our ability to motivate ourselves.

A highly motivated individual is almost fearless. Each step they take is filled with definite purpose. Efficiency is the natural byproduct of such an invigorated and focused mind, and leads them to places they may never have achieved otherwise. This burning drive has forged the greatest, if not always good, people in our history. Their energy is contagious, their vision absolute, their tenacity unyielding. Without such a mindset, these mighty symbols of the human potential would be insignificant, obscure, and forgotten.

So how do we build such a powerful drive within ourselves? Look inside. Be honest, be straightforward. You may even want to make a list of what you want most. In your mind or on paper focus on that desire and define why you want it. Then force the cancerous negativity and doubt from your mind by challenging yourself to find a way to make it happen. Don’t ever tell yourself “I can’t.” Simply ask yourself “How?” You will see a difference in the way your mind works.

Once you discover the best way to motivate yourself, it can be applied to every aspect of your life… Including finances. Staying true to a budget or financial plan requires restraint and willpower, both of which, like a muscle, require exercise and practice to master. But with the ability to motivate yourself comes the strength you will need to walk by that candy bar in the check out isle, the sale at your favorite store, and anything that will divert you from your financial goals. In time the effort it takes to maintain such a mindset will lessen and you will see positive results in how your finances hold up between checks, how happy you are with your situation, and how others look at you. Don’t be surprised when, as your lifestyle improves, your friends and neighbors ask you how you do it.

The motivating factor will vary from person to person. For some it’s fear. Others are driven by a passion for a sport, car, etc. My motivation arived when I became a parent. That adorable, trusting little smile was the spark that ignited a fire inside of me. What will your spark be?

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