Alternative Investment Opportunities

 I was recently asked by a friend about some alternative investments. I completely understand his interest. Like it or not, Wall Street isn’t exactly doing very well right now. Lots of money has been lost by both big time and small time investors in the stock market. This downturn will provide many great buying opportunities for those who’s cash wasn’t tied up in this mess. But what about someone who’s become wary of the obviously volatile stock market?

Investment provides a huge opportunity for residual income, and the current stock crisis, crazy though it’s been, is hardly representative of everything out there. Here are some alternative investments that are not so vulnerable to the Wall Street fiasco that investors, past, present, and future, may want to consider.

Variable Annuities- This investment opportunity is similar to a mutual fund, with an important exception: a guarantee. Need I say more?

Life Insurance- This is an investment in your family’s future and your own peace of mind. No one knows what’s coming or when. But security in such a difficult time is definitely worth investing in. The price of gas isn’t the only thing that’s rising. Funeral costs are beyond expensive, almost obscene. They’re also unavoidable. Will you be able to handle them financially?

Real Estate- Someone somewhere is reading this thinking “But real estate is down! Don’t you know that?!” Uh… yeah. It’s hard not to have figured that out by this point. However, there is a sunny side to the current situation. With home values down, this is an excellent time, for those with the money to sustain it, to buy. When things begin to grow again, there you’ll be on top of the heap having built your empire of equity for a song!

Private Equities- Now this one gets interesting because each opportunity is so individual. By investing in a private company, you have the chance to put your money into recession resistant industries of your choosing. The risks of small business investments tend to be higher than some other types. But if you are smart about which ones you choose, the returns can be massive.

So there you have it. Some alternative investments worth looking into. Be sure to examine each opportunity carefully and thoroughly, then build your future in investment… without the panic of Wall Street.

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